Services | RADIOLOGY

"Radiology is the science which deals with the use of radiant energy for the diagnosis and treatment of a disease. A minimally invasive form of medicare, it allows the doctor to study a patient's internal system, without making any cuts on the body".

The Department of Radiology and Imaging, at PULSE, is one of the most well equipped and state of the art departments, in the country today.

All imaging procedures are performed, keeping the patient safety in mind, and care is taken to ensure that results of the highest quality are obtained while minimizing the patient exposure to radiation.

Every procedure is undertaken under the supervision of our team of highly qualified and experienced Radiologists, to ensure that the results are clinically relevant and enable better diagnosis.


We have on board a group of qualified and trained Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist who have completed their Bachelors degree in Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy.

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Lab Services

All lab reports are given the same day. Hormones and other special tests are given out in 3 hours time. Whereas all other labs give reports only by late evening. Pulse has fully automated lab equipment; hence the accuracy levels are very high.

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  • Digital MRI scanner with Optical RF technology
  • Needle free imaging
  • Non contrast angio
  • High resolution brain images
  • High Definition abdomen imaging
  • Free breathing entire abdomen scan
  • Quantitative perfusion imaging
  • Hassel free liver fat and iron quantification
  • Information of cartilage degeneration with color maps
  • Ability to clearly delineate small vessels and micro-bleeds

CT Scan

Innovative New Generation Low Dose CT Scanner Installed at Pulse Diagnostics Pvt Ltd.
Brivo CT - 385
With just one look at the images you’ll see how good the Brivo CT385 really is. See how this CT system will help make a positive difference in your diagnosis.
Now available at PULSE DIAGNOSTICS, this CT scanner helps you increase your diagnostic confidence and enhance the care of patients.

  • High-resolution images
  • Optimized dose levels
  • Sub-millimeter slice thickness
  • An experience designed for patient comfort
  • ASIR & Organ Dose Modulation For Low Dose Imaging
  • Fast Examination, Visualization And Post Processing

Digital X-Ray

Image quality at the service of high-level diagnosis. Direct digital allows instant display of images, while the lack of artifacts and image loss allows radiologists to make quick and confident diagnoses. Patient X-ray doses are reduced, and retakes are elimanated.
"The time saved by the immediate availability and the image quality is reinvested into patient support."

Key Benefits

  • Universal, flexible and affordable modality combining a single detector and fully-motorized positioning, which increases productivity.
  • U-arm allowing lateral 'cross table' exams on rolling tables, for a number of configurations and increased patient and technologist comfort.
  • Specially-tuned MUSICA², for gold-standard image processing, and NX workstation, for smoother workflow.
  • Cesium Iodide DR detector technology offering potential for significant patient dose reduction.
  • Complete versatility with optional CR/DR combination
  • Reduced radiation
  • Real time x-ray
  • Better image quality


Mammography is a simple X-ray process. It passes low doses of X-rays through the breasts. No dyes have to be injected or swallowed, and no instruments will be put in your body.
Some growths are very small or lie deep in the breast tissue. These growths can be hard to detect. Some growths are benign (not cancer); others may be malignant (cancer). Mammography is a good way to find cancerous growths before they are large enough to be felt. When cancer is found in this early stage, it is easier to treat. Caught early enough, breast cancer often can be cured.


Ultrasound / Color Doppler

4D ultrasound – volume-imaging produces a dynamic, real time look that virtually eliminates any questions about missed information. Its seeing things in ways you’ve never seen before with ultrasound. Finding the exact location of pathology and viewing it in relation to other anatomy. Knowing you have all the information you need for definitive answers. As much as the machine the man behind the machine is also important. Together, Pulse has transformed patient care using ultrasound in brand new ways.

The Voluson E8 ultrasound system is designed to keep pace with busy practices and conducts a wide range of Health exams, from routine scanning to complex assessments. Your confidence will be enhanced by the extraordinary image clarity and speed of Radiant System Architecture.
High-volume practices require image quality and efficiency.
Excellent color Doppler sensitivity and sophisticated 3D/4D technologies.