Health Packages

Pulse offers a variety of options to choose from its kitty of Health packages. Book your Health Package now !!!

  • Regular Price: 7630/-
  • Special Price: 4500/-
  • Regular Price: 11740/-
  • Special Price: 7000/-
  • Regular Price: 8840/-
  • Special Price: 5300/-
  • Regular Price: 2370/-
  • Special Price: 1400/-
  • Regular Price: 3350/-
  • Special Price: 2200/-
  • Regular Price: 3890/-
  • Special Price: 2300/-
  • Regular Price: 10740/-
  • Special Price: 6400/-
  • Regular Price: 7040/-
  • Special Price: 4200/-
  • Regular Price: 3900/-
  • Special Price: 2200/-
  • Regular Price: 4600/-
  • Special Price: 2500/-


Kindly book an appointment with our Appointment Booking Team to ensure your choice of package on 71981800 (Lansdowne) or 71981901 (Behala). They are equipped to assist you with any queries, clarication or guidance you might require in selecting a Health Check up Package.

  • We recommend that you consult your family doctor in deciding the appropriate package on your age, sex and medical condition.
  • If instructed to report fasting, please do not consume any food or drink from 10.00 pm the night before your Health Check (including morning tea).
  • Kindly collect the Health Check Up Kit consisting of the registration form, medical history form and stool container from the reception of the centre before Health Check up.
  • Please bring your stool sample on the day of check up in Pulse Diagnostics. If you haven't collected the Health Check up kit, you are required to bring it in a sterilized container and transfer the sample into our Diagnostics Centre container.
  • Please do not bring a urine sample from home, as it needs to be deposited as close to the blood collection as possible for accuracy of test results
  • Females kindly ensure that you do not have an appointment for Health Check on the days of menses (periods) as PAP Smear and Urine Routine will not be carried out.
  • Kindly carry your past medical records and current medications along with you.
  • If you are known hypertensive or diabeties, please take your medication as per usual routine.
  • Please wear comfortable attire and foot wear and avoid jewellery on the day of Health Check up.
  • Do not consume alcoholic beverages including wine and beer, 72 hours prior to the Health Check.
  • If you require a TMT test, kindly carry sports shoes. Male executive might require to shave their chest (collar bone to abdomen).
  • All the rates are subject to charge without prior intimation.