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The following guidelines will help you through the various service areas during the conduct of the Preventive Health Checks. Please ensure that he following instructions are adhered to while you come for the health checks:

  • Kindly make a prior appointment for the package you are interested in between 2 PM to 6 PM. Packages can be availed only during week days except Sundays and other Holidays.
  • You are advised to be on empty stomach for 10 to 12 hours. (Please ensure that you not had morning cup of tea, coffee or any other fluids except plain water before you come for health check).
  • Complete abstinence from alcohol for atleast 12 hours is a must.
  • You are requested to keep minimum 3 hrs time in hand while coming for your health check-up.
  • Tou are requested to provide a urine/stool sample in sterised container (available on request at the reception desk).
  • If you are on medication/undergoing treatment of any kind, please carry your prescription/recent medical records with you. Follow your doctor's advice with regard to your drug intake.
  • Important instructions for Women:
    • Pregnant ladies or women with suspected pregnancies should not undergo any X-Ray procedure.
    • A Health Check-up during menstrual period is ill-advised.
    • Wear loose fitting clothes and comfortable footwear - you may be required to change frequently between tests.
  • Male patients who are undergoing the Stress Test (TMT) are required to shave the front portion of their chest before coming for health check-up.
  • Diabetic patients must inform our technicians prior to the collection of blood samples. Please update them on your blood sugar status and anti-diabetic treatment.
  • Kindly inform us well in advance if you want to undergo any additional investigations/consultations. This will enable us to schedule all appointment for the doctors/technicians in a phased manner ensuring reduced waiting time. All additional procedures will be charged for prior to the health check-up.